Kavaca San Diego installed by your experts at 5 Point Auto Spa. Kavaca is the latest advanced paint protection film out on the market created by the NanoShine Group. The word Kavaca comes from the Sanskrit term Armor, literally one of the toughest PPFs available in the auto industry. Our team at 5 Point Auto Spa takes great pride in providing the highest quality services and using the best products on the market, and that’s why we stay ahead of the curve, using the latest and greatest technology in the auto care industry. Kavaca San Diego is the most prominent paint protection film to hit the market with its instant healing ability and strong durability, nothing on the market quite compares. 

We highly recommend combining one of our Ceramic Pro packages with our Kavaca San Diego packages for the ultimate paint protection armor for your vehicle. Kavaca was manufactured by the same owners of Ceramic Pro using state-of-the-art technology and top quality raw materials. We know how much you love your vehicle and that’s why our team at 5 Point Auto Spa are certified installers of Kavaca San Diego PPF. This paint protection film is superhydrophobic and has non-yellowing properties. It’s nano-infused topcoat will give your vehicle’s surface extreme gloss and prevent swirls and imperfections in your paint. Let our team at 5 Point Auto Spa protect your vehicle’s paint the right way. We perfectly cut the film to match the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle for ultimate protection. Kavaca will add a shield of protection that your vehicle craves to stay in pristine condition. 

You drive one of the finest cars in the world. Protect it with the finest paint protection film available on the market. Request a free quote for one of our Kavaca San Diego packages today.

The best way to protect your investment

Clear Bra Installation

With over a decade in the industry, we are the professionals that you can trust to protect your investment with the best paint protection film products on the market.

Bumper & Lights

The best way to protect the front bumper of your car is with paint protection film.

Partial Kit

Covers bumper, headlights, ⅓ hood, ⅓ front fenders, and front side mirrors.

Full Front Kit

Covers the entire hood, the full fenders, the front bumper, door cups and headlights.

Full Car

This package protects the entire vehicle and is ideal for the car enthusiast!

Protect your investment today!